READ READ READ, this to avoid you loosing money or giving you less great experience. This is NOT the complete list, but includes most items we see people shipping, if you are not sure just ask us. For example fire works is not on the list below, but 100% they cannot be shipped via Sarasota.

  1. By registering for our service, you agree not to use our service to store or ship any prohibited items. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following;
    • Guns and explosives, including parts, ammunition, and imitations. Example; rifles, pistols, gun holsters, scopes, mounts, stocks, barrels, grips, rings, magazines, reloading presses and press kits, any other materials or equipment used for making guns or ammunition, dynamite, firecrackers, replica guns, toy guns, BB guns, paintball guns, etc
    • Weapons and weapon parts. Example; swords, axes, bayonets, knives, bows and arrows.
    • Alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, any illicit or controlled substance or paraphernalia. Example; narcotics, psychotropic substances, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah, hookah accessories, rolling paper, liquors, beer, wine, any equipment or materials used for making alcohol and tobacco products.
    • Chemical, corrosive, radioactive, and toxic substances of any kind. Example; pesticide, herbicide, poison, acid, hazardous waste.
    • Animals, animal organs or substances.
    • Human organs and/or substances, and blood and blood parts.
    • Perishable items.
    • Plants of any kind and in any form, including seeds
    • Precious stones of any kind, except for jewelry
    • Banknotes, securities, traveler’s checks, currency, cash equivalents of any kind
    • Materials of a pornographic nature, or intended to spread hate propaganda
    • Any item prohibited by the carrier company.
    • Copyright infringing materials.
    • Any item prohibited by any law, regulation, state, or local government.
    • Any other item that we, at our discretion, believe to be potentially dangerous, hazardous, or illegal.
  2. Dangerous goods/items; 
    • Perfumes can be shipped but are considered dangerous goods, and there is a fee of 19.95 AWG
    • Devices with Lithium-ion or Lithium-metal batteries can be shipped only if the battery is installed inside the device or packed with the device in its original manufacturer packaging to most countries. We will not combine or pack devices with batteries that have been purchased and received separately.
    • Loose lithium-ion batteries and power banks may by shipped but are considered dangerous goods, if a laptop is shipped with a lithium battery that is NOT considered dangerous goods, but if you ship a laptop battery completely separate, that IS considered dangerous goods.
    • Materials of erotic nature are strictly prohibited.
  3. Risky items; The following items can be shipped only under your own responsibility. Risky items are uninsurable.
    And will not be responsible for any financial loss resulting from damages to these items in transit;
    • Eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes.
    • Any items that can be damaged as a result of temperature fluctuations.
    • Containers with oil.
    • Extremely fragile items. Example; glass containers, light fixtures and light bulbs, kitchenware, sculptures.
  4. Dangerous goods items, can ship some cost 4.95 AWG extra some 19,95 AWG extra
    • E-cigarettes, vaporizers, any related parts or paraphernalia. Example; vape pens, vape kits, box mods, vape juices, e-liquids, liquid flavors, coils and wires.
    • Nail polish, paints & other flammables
    • Lithium metal batteries
    • Loose Lithium-ion batteries ; power banks, phone cases with built-in batteries, spare batteries for consumer electronics
    • Flammable and combustible substances of any kind. Example; paint, nail polish, gasoline, other fuels, matches, lighters, fire-starter kits, used tools or car parts that contain fuel fumes
    • Pressurized substances. Example; spray deodorant, hair spray, spray paint, or any other aerosols.
  5. If we receive any prohibited items on your behalf, we will inform you of the situation immediately. You will have a period of five business days to remove the item from our warehouse using a supported method, including returning the item to the original point of sale address within the United States.
  6. Goods that cannot be shipped;
    • Most police and self defense items
    • Shields for police protection
    • Spear fishing items
    • Paintball/Airsoft guns and "bullets
    • Paintball and Airsoft guns, they are allowed to enter Aruba but Sarasota  CANNOT ship them to Aruba.
  7. Medicine and medical and surgery instruments. Medicine that are prescriptions are not allowed. For all medicine please check with us prior to shipping to Sarasota. For all medical instruments please do check with us prior to shipping.
  8. If you are not sure please contact us via email with the item you wish to export. Our email is

Fishing rods are too long, do not ship to Sarasota ask for our ocean address

Anything that has to do with wild life, meaning fur, sea shells, bird feathers.

China or foreign countries supplements. ONLY Supplements from USA and in ENGLISH. Some medicine are not allowed to be imported in Aruba. Most Supplements or oke, but again only from USA and in ENGLISH.

Everything that has to do with E-Cigarettes. No refills, anything. You can always ask us first, but do not ship these types of items to Sarasota.

Police bullet proof vests and plates cannot be shipped from Sarasota to Aruba. We cannot re ship them to another address either, they can only be returned to the seller. Anything that has to do with self defense 
or police items, please ask us first. Pepper spray, stun gun anything type of self defense item is not allowed.

Seeds for gardens, normally some are allowed but we highly advice to ship to our ocean cargo address

Gun holsters are not allowed to be shipped from Sarasota to Aruba, we can only return the item to the seller. We cannot re ship them to another address either, they can only be returned to the seller.

Any thing that has to do with guns, this includes pallets for air guns and also Paintball guns and paintballs itself. Swords are also not allowed to ship from Sarasota to Aruba. Even though they are legal, Sarasota does not currently export these.

Spearfishing guns and arrows are not allowed to be shipped from Sarasota to Aruba. We cannot re ship them to another address either, they can only be returned to the seller. As extra info THEY DO NEED APPROVAL OF POLICE DEPARTMENT. PLEASE CALL THE POLICE TO VERIFY IF THEY ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER ARUBA BEFORE ORDERING. 

Baby car seats can be shipped but can be expensive to ship with air cargo, but also ocean cargo as it takes a lot of room. So overall they are expensive to ship.

Fridge is too large and too heavy. We cannot re ship them to another address either, they can only be returned to the seller.


Pregunta nan mas hasi

Con lihe mi items nan ta jega?
PRIORITY Shipping ta jega den 7-10 Business days dus te den bo man. Economy Shipping ta jega den 11-14 Business days, dus e ta den bo man. Low budget ta 15 pa 17 business days. Si tin supplements e por dura 5 business days mas, y si tin wireless items e por dura 3 business days additional. (E dianan ta estimates, tin differente factor cu por hasi cu por tarda un tiki mas, pero 90% di biahanan e ta sali na tempo).

Air cargo of ocean? 
E address aki ta pa air cargo so*

Cuanto Ship2Aruba ta cobra?
Nos handling fee ta 6.95 AWG si ta low budget, 11.95 si ta economy y 17.95 si ta prority, AWG 0.95 pa cada tracking, esey ta pa nos handle e invoice. Un Free account ta paga 2.95 AWG pa cada caha cu tin cu consolida. Insurance ta 2.5% di e value di e itemsnan, y 0.5% di insurance pa ora e item ta na Sarasota. Priority ta mescos cu Economy djies cu repacking y consolida ta AWG 3.45 

Tin cu paga membership?
NO, no tin cu paga membership nos tin 1 free membership, y tambe nos tin un ultimate membership cu actualmente no ta activo ainda.

Te cuanto Lbs por ship cu air cargo? 
Air cargo por bai te cu 80 LBS, PERO nos ta conseja pa ship items nan cu ta pisa mas cu 25 LBS pa ship nan cu oceancargo. Dus mane, sofa, TVs nan cu ta mas cu 50", mesa, cashi , bumper etc miho cu ocean cargo ESEY TA UN OTRO ADDRESS. Locual si nos ta consoja ta si bo tin mane varios items y nan hunto ta pisa mas cu 25 Lbs esey no ta niun problema, tin cliente ta consolida 75 Lbs sin problema. Esey ta ora nan tin mane 10 T-Shirt 4 jeans, 2 keds, 1 laptop, 5 buki, etc etc y tur bai hunto den un caha.


Mi por scohe pa manda mi items nan cu Ocean una bes nan jega?
Esey NO ta possibel, ta 2 differente address.

Tin cosnan cu ta prohibi pa ship?
Si esey ta correcto, y tin cosnan cu por ship cu barco so. Cosnan mane guns/airsoft/chemicals/seeds/mata y algun cosnan mas si bo no ta sigur please contact nos prome.

Mi por cuminsa ship asina mi hanja e address? 
YES!!! Bo por cuminsa ship asina bo hanja e address na bo email. Awo tin cos!

Unda boso ta situa?
Nos ta situa na Wayace 43C Lokaal 4. Bo ta pasa FCCA despues bo ta hanja Arubus despues di Arubus bo ta bira na bo man drechi y ta pasa DHL despues Bon Bini cargo, despues di Bon Bini Cargo na bo man drechi bo ta hanja un lugar cora eye nan nos ta lokaal 4. CLICK aki pa  Video con pa jega nos office :)

I like it that their service towards clients is their ultimate Goal !

H. Reeberg

Its just the best on the island.. Hands Downs!!!!!

K. Hodge

Muy buenos precios y buena atención al cliente y excelente calidad de servicio

N. Bernal

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