We consolidate and repack to save you money

Yes! Save 50% or more on all your Shipments!

What we do

We consolidate and Repack your package before shipping them to Aruba.

At Ship2Aruba we are experts in Shipping packages to Aruba from USA, we make the process seamless and do our best for all your items to arrive on time for the lowest cost possible.

How it works

It's pretty simple!

1: Signup

Simple start here

SIGUP on our page, with only your name, email and phone number.

2: shop

The fun part

Go ahead and shop online. If you are first time shopper try to shop on Amazon, Walmart, Zappos, eBay.


where the magic happens

This is where the magic happens we put everything in 1 box for you, don't worry we protect them.


ON the way to Aruba

And when YOU are ready to ship, you let us know via our database, which is really really simple.

why we do it

Nos a hanja un caha grandi cu un coi corta hunja :(

Nos a cuminsa Ship2aruba paso un biaha nos a order algo pa corta hunja y e la sali 45 Florin, y nos ta mane dicon asina hopi, nan di e la bin den un caha grandi dus ta dimentional weight dus maske e ta pisa 0.50 lbs door di dimentional weight e ta sali 2 LBS. Y despues di esey 5 buki a jega apart, nos tawata mane dicon nan no por a pone nan hunto. Y nos di mester mester tin un otro manera. Y Ship2aruba a cuminsa despues di 4 anja purbando di hanja un manera.

We want to bring innovation

Ship2aruba ta purba usa technologia mas cu por pa wanta e gasto nan mas abow possibel, y pa hasi e processo mas facil possibel pa tur nos cliente nan. Mas hende usa ship2aruba mas abow e prijsnan ta bira.


What they say

H. Reeberg

Actual Client of Ship2aruba

I like it that their service towards clients is their ultimate Goal !


Actual client of Ship2aruba

Its just the best on the island.. Hands Downs!!!!!

Contact Information

Find us here: Wayaca 43-C

Email:  info@ship2aruba.com

Phone: 592-4222